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Cyanotype Collection

Ink Stains Series

I have enjoyed experimenting throughout my life. Another consistency is that I have always loved the color blue. Being able to bring these loves together in the darkroom to create this Ink Stains series has been one of the greatest joys of my creative life. How nice to take that which is and be able to soften it into creams and shades of blue.  It is a literal shift in perspective and has taught me a great deal of gentleness into all aspects of my life. For me, cyanotype images are soothing and they bring me a sense of peace. In sharing them with you now, my aim is to offer this calm to your eyes and your soul.  The images are reflective, both surreal and literal - a celebration of all that is multifaceted. 


Expressions of Her

Love chooses to photograph women of resilience and purpose. She has done so throughout her career and for this series has photographed portraits of female artists. Illustrating their diverse creative nature and illuminating their strengths, wisdom, and the essence of their inner landscape. This collection is a celebration of both the mystery and life giving force within every woman you know.

Abstraction: The Beauty That Is

Love creates in abstraction to gift you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. This is an intensely personal process intended to enrich your experience of the work. How does Love’s use of metaphor and allegory speak to you? This collection is about dropping the rules and inviting total freedom of expression.

Inaugural Edition, Layla Love's Eyes Wide Shut

Love is honored to have her cyanotype work featured on the cover of Focus Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue which will hit the stands in January 2023.  Love goes into detail about the process and the experience in an 8 page article.  In addition, her cyanotype art will be featured on the cover of both the shell and the book of the first Inaugural Art Box by Focus Magazine.

Our first edition is dedicated to analogue & alternative process photography. The cover is graced by Layla Love’s Eyes Wide Shut. The photograph perfectly exemplifies our passion behind choosing this theme for our inaugural edition.

Love’s photograph was originally shot using 35mm film. Afterwards, Love printed Eyes Wide Shut as a cyanotype contact print.

Love has taken the best of both worlds of analogue & alternative process photography and created a magnificent work of art from it.

With over 1,000 reproductions, this edition is the most comprehensive collection of analogue and alternative process photography ever published.

David Spivak

Founder of Focus Magazine

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