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Art Loses Its Ego when Paired with Purpose. 


I want to share my journey as an artist and activist, and how I strive to inspire others through my work. I believe in the power of art to drive positive change and create a better world. My name is Layla Love, and as a new media architect, I see my art as a pathway for transformation and a means to combat destruction with creativity.

My purpose is to move you, to inspire you, and to ignite action within you. I am on a mission to make a better world visible, immediate, and irresistible through my artistic endeavors. The welfare of our planet and all its inhabitants deeply concerns me, and I have chosen to combine service work with fine art to raise awareness and funds for missions that are essential to our humanity.

I owe a great deal of my knowledge and inspiration to my time spent with Climbing Poetree, a group of multi-media artists. Together, we embarked on a fifty-city tour, traveling in a bus that ran on vegetable oil. At each stop, we aimed to change minds and open hearts. This experience taught me the value and power of aligning everything I speak with everything I do.


In the past four years, I have been privileged to work alongside Global Coralition. Our latest achievement was the deployment of the tallest underwater sculpture in the world. This sculpture is constructed using materials that promote the growth of heat-resistant corals. Through its captivating presence, it educates and inspires people to care more deeply for our living planet. By diverting attention from actual coral reefs, we hope to increase the likelihood of their regeneration.


Driven by my passion for supporting the most vulnerable, I founded Rise of the Butterfly in collaboration with the Creative Vision Foundation and under the mentorship of the remarkable Gloria Steinem. This initiative harnesses the power of art as a tool for freedom, bringing both funding and awareness to those who need it most. Together with the incredible team at Rise of the Butterfly, we have organized over 30 events in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. For each event, we partner with organizations engaged in boots-on-the-ground rescue missions. Currently, we are launching a creative program focused on shining a light on and supporting Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Additionally, I am proud to be a co-founder of POSSIBLE EVENTSThrough this endeavor, we bring world-renowned musicians, educators, and entertainers together to generate a windfall of funding for six organizations that our POSSIBLE Team has identified as doing vital work to improve our world.

As an artist, activist, and philanthropist, I strive to make a lasting impact. Through my art, I aim to inspire others to rise into action, to care for our planet and all its inhabitants, and to support those who need it most. Together, let's create a world where art and activism intertwine, where creativity drives positive change, and where compassion reigns supreme.

“I care deeply about the welfare of our planet & for all of us.

The darkest hour is before the dawn & light will prevail.”

- Layla Love

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