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I aim to do things that move you- that inspire you to rise into action. I am on a mission to combat and overcome destruction with creativity.

I am a new media architect - sharpening my art as a path for transformation.  I intend to make a better world visible, immediate, and irresistible.   


I care deeply about the welfare of our planet and for all of us. I have chosen to combine service work with fine art to bring awareness and funding to missions that are key to our humanity.  I give thanks to Climbing Poetree as I learned much of what I know about art activities through participating in a fifty-city tour with these multi-media artists. We traveled on a bus that ran on vegetable oil & changed minds & opened hearts at every stop.  From this experience, I learned the value and power of having everything you speak align with everything you do.


Over the last four years, I have had the honor of working with Global Coralition. This year we deployed the tallest underwater sculpture in the world. It is built out of material that propagates heat-resistant corals while educating and inspiring people to care more for our living planet and hopefully to deter them from actual coral reefs, allowing them a greater probability of regenerating.


I founded Rise of the Butterfly in partnership with the Creative Vision Foundation and under the mentorship of Gloria Steinem.  Love uses her art as a tool for freedom to bring funding and awareness to the most vulnerable. She and the incredible team at Rise of the Butterfly have facilitated over 30 events in New York, Huston, and LA. For each event, RISE pairs with organizations doing boots-on-ground rescue missions. Currently, Rise is launching a creative program intended to shine a light and support Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  


Love is a co-founder of POSSIBLE EVENTS, bringing world-renowned musicians, educators, and entertainers to bring a windfall of funding to six organizations the POSSIBLE Team has found to be doing vital work to make our world a better place.

“ I care deeply about the welfare of our planet

& for all of us.

The darkest hour is before the dawn

& light will prevail.”

- Layla Love

Art Loses Its Ego when paired with Purpose. 

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