"Layla Love’s methodology represents something rare in the venerable medium of photography. She mixes stuff up. That is to say she can be at once as objective about her subject matter and as committed to it as any member of the secular priesthood of Magnum, she can be as disturbingly intimate as Sally Mann and she can take off into a luminous world of high-tech pictorialism. All of which she does without sacrificing consistency. She has a visual vocabulary -- ocean, flowers, butterflies -- in which words can play an integral part. And the words are such that you may feel you have been teleported back to High Hippiedom, but hold on, and listen up. You’re in for a bumpy ride.""

                - Anthony Haden-Guest for ArtNet

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Love’s photography has been exhibited worldwide including a photographic selection to the White House permanent collection in 2008. She has shown with Eric Franck Fine Art at Paris Photo, Art Basel, the MoMa sponsored AiPAD Photography Show in New York, which is the longest running and foremost exhibition of fine art photography. She has participated in over 100 photographic exhibitions with world-renowned artists such as, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Kara Walker. Love's image The Fullest Bloom, was adapted individually for over 30 Tiffany & Co. Diamond Showrooms worldwide attesting to Love’s attention to detail and mastery of fine art printing.


Layla believes art changes people and people change the world. More than just a visual artist, Love uses music and performance art to illuminate the driving narrative of her exhibition. The central theme of her work being an exploration of freedom and the parameters within. She captures life as a series of adventures and expeditions into the unknown, returning always with a greater sense of what it means to be human. Having been in both foreign prisons and royal palaces she has learned to employ the power of creative force to transcend. Her intention is to illuminate and reveal in the hopes of igniting a spark of activation. After studying journalism and global communications at Richmond International University in London she realized that visual imagery has the greatest impact in our modern communication process., At 21 she began a five year photojournalism tour to war torn and compromised region with a focus on the plight of women. In New York and other cities she brings her experience to gallery walls – leaving the rest to you.
Love sees a world where art changes people, and people change the world.


The following text is from an article produced by Reade Tilley about the artist Layla Love and her upcoming 2018 NYC Art Show Fundraiser for her nonprofit Rise of the Butterfly.

Photographer Layla Love charts a path from darkness to redemption

with her new show Rise of the Butterfly—and you’re in it.


Both photographs and butterflies rely on transformation, but if the wings of the latter represent a linear achievement, the former’s realization is more meridian and perhaps incomplete.


At the culmination of capture, develop, stop, fix, rinse, wash and dry (or its digital equivalent) the metamorphosis of photography renders light as where it was, a kind of process to origin. What happens next is to the beholder, and it is on this final stage of transformation that photographer Layla Love is focused.

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