Lucid Dreaming

Enchanted Forest

This series was photographed in an enchanted forest in Sardinia, Italy. It is a sacred site for the locals that I gained access to through working with a local artist Giorgio Casu. My aim in this series was to create imagery that would induce your own dream-state, allowing you to ponder where in nature could you decorate and adore with love and care to inhabit more often.

Salt Minds

This location was deep underground in the salt mines underneath Bogota, Colombia. The center of the mines is the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá which houses a functioning Roman Catholic Church. We voyaged deep into the center of the earth to illuminate the rituals of native women, illustrating the power of indigenous prayer as complementary to the Christ consciousness. Art is richest for me when it includes a spiritual component.


From The Black and White Show in New York City. For this series, we painted my image soulmates with a light mapping installation with Joshua Sophrin. I created this series as my work was hanging next to Warhol for the first time, and I colored this series as an ode to Andy.

Womb Illuminations

We are giving back to the givers of life, this is an ode of respect to our place of origin. This series was created in Kauai, Hawaii featuring Shona Keeli, creator of Womb Illuminations and her partner Micah Skye. I made this shoot for all beings to recognize themselves as yoni empresses and womb whisperers.