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Layla Love is an acclaimed photographer born in 1985. She appreciates animals & time in nature more than anything.  Layla has an educational background in journalism and visual communications. Having degrees from Richmond International University in London and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her photography has been exhibited worldwide.She has participated in over 100 photographic exhibitions with world-renowned artists, such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Kara Walker.

The shows began after first sailing the circumference of the globe documenting for years exploring wartorn regions such as Chad and Nigeria, Bosnia and Kosovo...  Seeing such complexity Layla believes that nothing is black & white or to be limited by a narrow perspective. Over & over she puts on a wide-angle lens to explore.  Her images move from darkness into light.

I feel there is an intimate relationship between myself & my subjects-- then again with the person viewing the art-- at this moment that is YOU.  

creativity is a dance-- a series of collaborations. 

 I aim to share more beauty, illuminating that which is precious and timeless. My goal is to inspire both innovation & a sense of contentment.

Love creates art from that which she cannot find the words for.

Seeing that all things come into Oneness, dark & light, heaven & earth, male & female.

Her work is moving from a place of polarity in consciousness into one of unity...

Love has had the honor of showing with Eric Franck Fine Art in London, during Paris Photo, Art Basel & AiPad, which is the longest-running and foremost exhibition of fine art photography. Love enjoys sharing her art in both solo and group shows in metropolitan cities, such as Tokyo, Paris & Dubai.

"I am tenacious in my pursuit of that which is pure and inspiring.


 Art is why I get up in the morning. Each day is a surprise.

I paint with light, to make my mark - as we all do.

 What inspires me most is that art changes people & people change the world. 



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Love has served on a number of boards throughout her career, including NY Green Fest from 2010-2015, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation. In 2017, Love was invited by her dear friend & mentor Marion to be a member of her circle to allocate for the Marion Rockefeller Weber's Flow Fund. Layla is currently working with Waterside Productions to make an art table book simply entitled: R!SE. Her new work, about women who are currently shaping the world, will include an anthology of images that she has been taking since she was twelve years old. Additionally, she is working on a clothing line of wearable art, partnering with designers to create sustainable couture in order to raise funds for her charity Rise of the Butterfly with Creative Visions.  

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Gloria Steinem has described her as,

“An artist in all the best senses of that word — in love with and filled with the energy of life, from suffering through miracles. Her work is universal and unique at the same time. You will always know it’s hers — and your own.”

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