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Photo Journalism

History is based on Art-a-Fact: Humans have been carving images on cave walls.

Long before they had  expression through words.​..

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I fell in love with the camera in a time before photoshop when a photograph was the

equivalent to truth.

I studied Journalism and Visual Communications at Richmond American International University in London, a university whose motto was Unity in Diversity. 

In a course entitled Mind, Body & Identity, I learned about a photograph of a little girl, Kim Phuc Phan Thi, running naked from napalm in North Vietnam. I have never forgotten my teacher saying with great resolve that this image was paramount in breaking the war– by opening the people's hearts.

I have since witnessed many times that:

Art changes people & people change the world...

These human experiences bring me to my knees and often stay with me- guiding me toward how best to make my mark. Knowing that a shot from a camera can have more reach than a bullet from a gun, affirmed my desire to embrace the camera as a tool for freedom. 


of expression

Is the essence of




ox //layla

An Ode

From Love's time as a warrior, she developed a respect for Don McCullin.

Journalism images

Over time Love has studied the masters of photography.

Art makes us feel less alone - this was Love's takeaway from Cindy Sherman’s work.  

second row of ode to nan images

At Twelve she stumbled upon Twelve by Sally Man.


I resonated with the depth she reflected back at a world where the feelings of me as a twelve-year-old had never seen expressed– staring me in the face– before this I was alone.  Alone with unspeakable understandings, impressions I had no tools to express. 

This took me on a long journey of wild experimentation: leading to the exploration of feminism: the becoming of the woman warrior. 


Ode to Sally Mann
Twelve & Immediate Family

Mary Ellen Mark, Streetwise

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Film Noir & Herb Ritts


Jim Goldberg, Raised by Wolves

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