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 Layla Love

Art is why I get up in the morning.

 Cultivating expression nourishes our ability to communicate, evolve, to fall in love with each other and with life itself.

In my creative practice, I find there are precious moments of flow where I can interpret something of the universal, that which is sensed or understood by us all.

 Bridging the tangible and intangible elements is what interests me most. I find it compelling when I am lost for words. There are things I know and yet cannot speak. It is during these times when the cat has my tongue that I turn to making art.  

  At twelve years old I found a mentor to teach me the practice of exploring analog film. It was the beginning of a lifelong practice of immersing myself in the darkroom.

 I have since had the honor of partaking in amazing shows, including Paris Photo, Basel, and AiPAD.   Through serendipity and years of being driven by a creative impulse, I have showcased alongside artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Basquiat. An ode to the once-in-a-lifetime was seeing my art hung alongside Henri Cartier-Bresson - who brought us the Decisive Moment. A dream come true: Made possible by Eric Franck Fine Arts in London. Sharing art worldwide has been breathtaking and has required me to give love to all the elements and care for every detail.

We Are Never the Same Person Twice

I have circumnavigated the globe on both boats and plains, overland: Constantly as a boundary-dweller, often exploring alone and processing through seasons of solitude.  From this quiet place, I can hear my intuition and become clear on what & why I am sharing.

I am fulfilled by living in extremely different environments- those that teach me about rewilding and walking with confidence, alone by the light of the moon.  Then diving into community in the metroplotine, the marble jungles. 


Undulating is what I do best. I explore paradox and juxtapositions.  I am seeking that which resonates.  Frequency is worth exploring, the more aware or in tune I become, the more rich my existence is. 



 Art can be grounding; it has the power to bring us back to the present moment to explore that which is right in front of us. This is the art of living, it is what I adore, ever inspiring me to manifest my dreams into reality so that I can invite you in.

Creativity is the mystery

that draws us close &

keeps us coming back for more... 

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 10.42.37 PM.jpg

Art Loses its ego when paired with purpose.

  I studied Journalism and Visual Communications at Richmond American International University in London, a university whose motto was Unity in Diversity. 

  In a course entitled Mind, Body & Identity I learned about an image of a little girl, Kim Phuc Phan Thi, running naked from napalm in North Vietnam. I have never forgotten hearing my favorite teacher say with great resolve that this image broke the war by opening the hearts of the people.

I have witnessed that art changes people & people change the world. My he.ART has been broken open.  These human moments that bring you to your knees- stay with you- shaping and guiding me toward how best to make my mark.

Knowing that a shot from a camera can have more reach than a bullet from a gun affirmed my desire to embrace the camera as a tool for freedom. 


is the essence of






I fell in love with the camera in a time before photoshop when a photograph was the

equivalent to truth.

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