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Layla Love Art Original Butterfly Effect Image in Black & White analog film

The original Butterfly Effect image is on Black & White analog film.

Butterfly Effect Series

The Butterfly Effect Series stemmed from the success of the original "Soulmates" art piece, which opened doors to the art world for Love by catapulting her serendipitously into the Black & White show, where she was exhibited alongside the most iconic artists of the last century, such as Pollock and Maplethorpe. At this show, she was introduced to a fellow artist who explained 'The Butterfly Effect', in which a seemingly small shift in direction can and will affect the future in your life or of an event.

Through the Butterfly Effect, small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. The concept is often portrayed as a butterfly flapping its wings in your backyard and causing a typhoon on the other side of the planet.

The Butterfly Effect Series is a study of metamorphosis and an ode to imaginal cells.

Spotlight 2023


These unique pieces are created on a mirror so that the world around them can be reflected into the butterfly's wings.  The image is placed onto either gold, silver, or copper.  There is a creative satisfaction that comes from fusing our artwork with precious metals, allowing the images to become grounded in the sacred.   Inspired by art deco, Love has sourced materials that emulate the aesthetics of art deco. 


Love strongly believes that it is only through collaboration that we can flourish as a species.  The current challenges we face on the world stage are because the plot has been running on competition rather than cooperation.  Working with other artists is a great honor.  It is a fusion of both ideas and frequencies, and in every case, the result is a surprise to everyone involved.  Collaborations keep you on your toes, learning new skills and talents and allowing yourself to be both inspired and humbled by the brilliance of those you get to call friends.