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Ink Stains Light by Layla Love18_Unique Tint 14_edited.jpg

An Ode to Life in the Making:

Layla Love's:

Loves painting with light, illuminating the intangible, the sweet & hidden moments. She has always loved to amplify connections & innovate fusions - at times to be a bridge between the silenced and the heard.  Through the camera, the written word & paint Layla aims to inspire our rewinding, our resilience, and the magic of being an heirloom human.

Quintessentially this practice has brought her great success with over 100 showcases internationally, including Paris Photo, Basel, and AiPAD, alongside renowned artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Basquiat; however, she was most excited for the opportunity to showcase alongside

Henri Cartier-Bresson with Eric Franck Fine Arts in London.


Love bridges traditional collecting with NFTS by offering the original artwork as well as a dynamic augmentation of the piece. Through the lenses of legacy and story, Love has worked to bring her images to life through movement and animation. Love paired her work in combining the physical, digital, and animated into one experience- a gift package for the collector. Love's offering gives collectors access to the value offered by NFTs as well as holders of rare, high-quality, fine art. This creates value not only for crypto-natives but also for those who seek to combine the traditional with the cutting-edge.