Layla Love Presents
The Rise Gallery
May 17 – June 15, 2018
555 West 25th Street
New York, New York

Athlete’s Against Violence & Brandon London Join Layla Love

Athlete’s Against Violence, Brandon London & Layla Love joined together to take a stand against human trafficking. This is the official video from #AthletesAgainstViolence event with Rise of the Butterfly. Thanks to Emory Hunt, Tony Clomax, Laura Lee, Brilynn Fields, MaeOla Bolton, Leeann Brzozowski and many more for sharing their experiences & ideas!!

About the RISE Collection

The art in the RISE collection was created by Layla Love. All proceeds donated to Rise of the Butterfly, a non-profit organization that partners with the largest and most experienced programs working to end human trafficking. Through the sales of Layla’s fine art Rise of the Butterfly is able to support programs confronting global issues including Apne Aap and Coalition Against Trafficking Women.

Layla Love With Fox News

Artist Turns Activist Layla Love’s new exhibit, Rise of the Butterfly is at a Chelsea gallery. The event brings awareness on the topic and raises funds for victims of human trafficking.

Love’s methodology represents something rare in the venerable medium of photography. She mixes stuff up. That is to say she can be at once as objective about her subject matter and as committed to it as any member of the secular priesthood of Magnum, she can be as disturbingly intimate as Sally Mann and she can take off into a luminous world of high-tech pictorialism. All of which she does without sacrificing consistency. Her work is historically important because of her variety of genre and stamp of personality that makes the work unusual and uniquely recognizable. 
Anthony Haden-Guest

Layla Love is an artist in all the best senses of that

word in love with and filled with the energy of

life, from suffering through miracles.

Her work is universal and unique at the same time.

You will always know it’s hers and your own.

Gloria Steinem

Layla Love is one of the most exciting new photographers. The work is extremely personal and yet it is also universally beautiful. She probes interiorly into the tender parts of her soul and brings forward deep and rich iconography that is well worth a look.

Alex Grey